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Makers Mark work produced last semester- Signature

This assignment introduced me to a set of skills and ideas, to which I gained basic familiarity with colour, type and typography, line and composition, and the investigative potential of creative work.

For this paper however I left all my finals till the night before. Though overall I received a really good mark for the amount of time I put into this assignment.

This is my Signature series. 

Top- Draft

Bottom- Final.

My signature has little meaning to me, it’s just an few lines that help me through life, so I wanted to bring other representations into this piece.

The shape of the diamond ♦ represents a compass. I grew up in Kaitaia, Far North, and eventually made my way down South, to Wellington. For my final, I used ink pen (white) on the black paper- this symbolises a chalk board. I wanted to portray my childhood into my final- where I grew up all the classroom at my primary school used chalkboards.. at home we even had our own. Me and my younger brother could spend hours drawing and erasing and drawing and erasing.. on our chalk board. I coloured in certain spaces within the design as I wanted to explore the negative space and show aspects of the letters in my name.

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